Interested in a career in marketing? Marketing hiring managers indicate they want not only macro credentials (e.g., degrees) but also micro credentials such as professional certifications like those offered by HubSpot and Google. I incorporate certifications from industry leaders into the curriculum of courses I teach, when possible. Below are some examples from my Digital Marketing and Business Analytics courses.

Digital Marketing Certifications

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
HubSpot Inbound Marketing
HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
HubSpot Content Marketing

HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Certification
HubSpot Growth-Driven (Website) Design
HubSpot Email Marketing Certification
HubSpot Email Marketing
HubSpot Social Media Certification
HubSpot Social Media

Analytics Certifications

Advanced Google Analytics
Google Advanced Analytics
Introduction to Data Studio
Google Data Studio

Miscellaneous Certifications

Online Learning Consortium Instructional Design
Online Learning Consortium for Instructional Design

Select Research

Social Media Responsiveness

Dapko, Jennifer, Stefanie Boyer, and Eric Harris. “The Importance of Timely Social Media Responsiveness.” Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing 8, no. 4 (2021).

Screening for Self-Directedness

Dapko, Jennifer and Greg Snyder. “Screening for Self-Directedness: A Method for Recruiting Savvy Analysts in a Dynamic Business Environment.” Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics 7, no. 1 (2021).

Framework for Transparency in Business

Parris, Denise Linda, Jennifer Dapko, R. Wade Arnold, and Danny Arnold. “Exploring Transparency: A New Framework for Responsible Business Management.” Management Decision 54, no. 1 (2016).

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